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2 Dudes & A Train Lazer Kutz

Inspiration left the station when three high school friends took off on a venture to reengage with a classic beloved hobby- model trains. This passion was reimagined when Roland took it upon himself to take their interest to the next level by obtaining a laser capable of cutting through the wood required to make model buildings and a 3D printer to complete the building accessories. After creating their first model sets, they were inspired to build a business around making their creations accessible.  When a client requested their own personal touch be added to his set, a whole new realm of possibilities opened up.  2 Dudes began to handle requests to laser cut or etch custom or personalized designs on a new range of products, including glass, metal, tumblers, mugs and more, and Lazer Kutz was born. 

Let your imagination charge full speed ahead as we make your vision a reality.  

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